Suurpp >.<

                                Heey people 😉


Mii name is Jess aka shawtiee >.<
i decided to make myself a wordpress; coz everyone at school was likee make a wordpress!!! and i was like do i have too??

so yeeh i was pretty muchh forced to do something that i didnt want too do. 😦

but never mind…

so how do you work this site; coz i have been told you have to download stuff??? lol im confused.

well in 53 mins i will be going to Creative Generation…

its this dance thinggy and it is being performed at The Brisbane entertainment Centre 🙂

im kinda excited =D

ooooohh and…

im getting mii hair cut on tuesday; and in the hols im gonna get it perimantly straightned… YAY

u kno what??

im gonna get all my friends to join this website; coz its actually pretty awsome .


well when i go to creative Gen 2day; i will take a picture with my fcuked up camera and put it on this awsome website 😀

well now i only have like 48 mins to get ready.

Byee byees for now ❤ Shawtiee



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