Jessicaa (:

Heey theree (:

OMGGGG; i had Creative generation yesterday and my whole body is hurting ^-^

LOL; but ohh wells.

hehe andd it was so shameful yesterday coz i like went to the wrong school xD; so i had to call my mum to pick mee up and take me to the city..

but ohhh wells i was only 1 hour late…

but seriously i had o dance for 6 hours flat… and the “choreographer” was like so pro.. i was like WOW! LOL

soo yehh i have to buy some new jazz shoes coz mine are gayy..

ohhhs and im going to this new ballet school called lol i cant rember…

but yehh lol

well im gonna go too bed; coz im sick xD

Jessicaaa ❤





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