sick again…

Heeyo peoples

omgg; today i am finally getting mii hair cut!!
my mums good friend is comeing to our house coz im wayy to sick to go anywhere =.=

i really want to get a mullet; but people have been telling me that it would look gayy on me 😦
sooo i might get get short layers ?
anyways i found out the name of my new dance school… clarissa hill :S i think O.o

anyways my plans for this weekend aree maybe go see a friend?? LOL

orr i will do lots of homework; depends on what day im working.
ugggh OMG! yesterday at school i went to go see my sose teacher; regarding some weirdo in my class and HE WASNT THERE!!!  i cant believe it… i evn made suree that i had my note that mii mum wrote to give to him and he was sick 😦

so im gonna have ot give it to him tomorrow :S i hope he hasnt done the report cards yett… ~sigh~



ohh… 2day my friend krystal is going to the philippines… shes so lucky *jelous face*

its currently 3.06 pm.. LOL schools out and i didnt evn go xD *mwahaha*

but if im feeling better then i have to go tomorrow; and i dont want go.

Yesterday mii bestie Millie-Rose left Macgee for good 😥
she is now moving to Earnshaw state collage ^.^

wells im gonna goo, cbfd to write anymore for 2daii; i will post a pic of mee and my new hair xD

byeees ♥ Jess



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