Hello people!
omggshh 2day was like the wettest day ever =(  there was water everywhere!!! evn tho i had my umbrella my bag and books and clothes aree soaked; evn mii library book that was brand new xD…
ohh wells; i had work  tonight and i got $50 😀
so i am going to use some of my money to spend on he weekend when i go to southbank with mii bestfriend Nickia. Buut i also need to save some money for all the things i want…
wells im too lazy and tired to finish writing mi blog; and mums getting pissed off at me soo im gonna goo
i will do better blogs when it gets closer to the holidays.
&&nd i will take some pictures.
lovee Jess ❤

2 Responses to Jessicaa

  1. greenyuk says:

    hey :]
    im bobbie
    OMG ur job aouns soo coolio
    and it pays GOOD!
    What is it?
    P.S i may sound random by not even knowing you but im like that xD

    • shawtiee says:

      haha LOL i quit that job ages ago; and im gonna get a new job with mii bestie at cotton on. but yeh my old job was working at a kebab shop :$ it was really ghayy but the pay was good; i got like $10 an hour >.<

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