Heey everyone (:

ommmg; 2day i found out that i got an A for Sose 😀
school was alright 2day; but it was kinda cold :S but not as bad as yesterday >.<
in lunch break mee &nd Jess decided to go for walks around the school.. and we went into this place and found that there was a big mirror!!! we were like awsomee
so we just started takeing photos.. LOL it was fun xD
hmm... ohh! on the weekend im going to get my ears peirced for the first time 😀
im kinda scared tho *cries* but ill be okaii
yeeh and tomorrow i have creative generation; and i cant be botherd... but im gonna go anyways =P
well im off now hehe (got a maths assignment to do) 😦 not fun
❤ Jess


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