Life T_T

Heeyo People


today was a boring day. i got up for school  at 6.30 am as usual… then i met my friend Youri at the bus stop.. we were late as usual.. but luckly the 136 came after x]

then i got to school and started first period; which was dance… we have this new uni dance teacher. i think shes pretty kool. after dance she saw me brushing up on some ballet &nd she offered to help me with it in lunch breaks 😀

After school i was ment to catch the 132; but i have to get my violin from K block &nd also i had to go to my locker.. so i didnt have enough time. i had to catch the 832 instead :S anyways im going to go because i have a tonn of homework to do
Btw; the pic up there ^^ is me &nd ikhaa at PPC the day of the teacher strike =D

Jessie ❤

ps: edited for amii ❤ iiloveyouu 😛


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