Peace (Y)

Hey there!

how has everyones week been?? -cheesy smile-

well i have had a big week. i have been on tv &nd met the best dancer in Australia. And i met this chick off australian idol.. but i didnt like her much..

umm i have been very busy with study T_T and soo many dance rehersals. i feel like going to sleep for a million years.

now for my entry:
It was 6.30 am &nd Jessies mum came into her bedroom to wake her up. Jess had everything ready for the day. Her lunch was ready &nd her dance stuff was ready; ready for a hard working day. When Jessie got to the brisbane entertainment centre she got setteled at a table with a group of friends; since these other people stole their seats from yesterday 😦
Then the corigraphers called for all dancers. After a whole day of rehersals; they all noticed something strange; there was a camera crew walking into the rehersal hall, OMG! they all screamed; it was the guy from the shack! but it was the guy that wears glasses. Then the whole group had to perform &nd the camera man filmed them; everyone was very nervice. After the performance it was time to get the bus back to school.

When Jessie got home she had something to eat &nd went on the computer… then she sprayed her new (second hand) Jazz shoes black… &nd it didnt come off her hand 😦

well i hope you enjoyed my blog today. sorry i am just very tired; i am going now to study my maths &nd science (:


♥ Jessie


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