♥ Jessie’s to do list (:

1) Buy some Blue contact lenses
2) Buy a new tv >.>
3) But some new clothes
4) Buy new phone
5) Buy new laptop
6) Buy some new dance shoes
7) Buy Yenee bummy a birthday pressie
8) Be more “friendly”
9) Try not to get too pissed off
10) Buy a puppy dog
11) Go and visit more of my friends
12) Buy a new go card T_T
13) Update my wordpress more often
14) Try and get accepted into the following: QA (queensland academy) Brisbane state high; orr mansfiels :S…
15) Be more happy
16) Buy a new ipod!
17) Try to get to class befor the bell rings
18) Get a job ^_^


3 Responses to ♥ Jessie’s to do list (:

  1. Jessie ♥ says:

    omgg so muchh money :S

  2. Angela U. says:

    Shouldn’t #18 be on top, so you could fulfill the rest of the list? lol

    Oh btw I’m just a random blogger 😀

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