April 3, 2009
hehe me and Jess being retards @ school =P

hehe me and Jess being retards @ school =P



April 3, 2009

Heey everyone (:

ommmg; 2day i found out that i got an A for Sose 😀
school was alright 2day; but it was kinda cold :S but not as bad as yesterday >.<
in lunch break mee &nd Jess decided to go for walks around the school.. and we went into this place and found that there was a big mirror!!! we were like awsomee
so we just started takeing photos.. LOL it was fun xD
hmm... ohh! on the weekend im going to get my ears peirced for the first time 😀
im kinda scared tho *cries* but ill be okaii
yeeh and tomorrow i have creative generation; and i cant be botherd... but im gonna go anyways =P
well im off now hehe (got a maths assignment to do) 😦 not fun
❤ Jess


April 2, 2009
Hello people!
omggshh 2day was like the wettest day ever =(  there was water everywhere!!! evn tho i had my umbrella my bag and books and clothes aree soaked; evn mii library book that was brand new xD…
ohh wells; i had work  tonight and i got $50 😀
so i am going to use some of my money to spend on he weekend when i go to southbank with mii bestfriend Nickia. Buut i also need to save some money for all the things i want…
wells im too lazy and tired to finish writing mi blog; and mums getting pissed off at me soo im gonna goo
i will do better blogs when it gets closer to the holidays.
&&nd i will take some pictures.
lovee Jess ❤

sick again…

March 31, 2009

Heeyo peoples

omgg; today i am finally getting mii hair cut!!
my mums good friend is comeing to our house coz im wayy to sick to go anywhere =.=

i really want to get a mullet; but people have been telling me that it would look gayy on me 😦
sooo i might get get short layers ?
anyways i found out the name of my new dance school… clarissa hill :S i think O.o

anyways my plans for this weekend aree maybe go see a friend?? LOL

orr i will do lots of homework; depends on what day im working.
ugggh OMG! yesterday at school i went to go see my sose teacher; regarding some weirdo in my class and HE WASNT THERE!!!  i cant believe it… i evn made suree that i had my note that mii mum wrote to give to him and he was sick 😦

so im gonna have ot give it to him tomorrow :S i hope he hasnt done the report cards yett… ~sigh~



ohh… 2day my friend krystal is going to the philippines… shes so lucky *jelous face*

its currently 3.06 pm.. LOL schools out and i didnt evn go xD *mwahaha*

but if im feeling better then i have to go tomorrow; and i dont want go.

Yesterday mii bestie Millie-Rose left Macgee for good 😥
she is now moving to Earnshaw state collage ^.^

wells im gonna goo, cbfd to write anymore for 2daii; i will post a pic of mee and my new hair xD

byeees ♥ Jess


Jessicaa (:

March 30, 2009

Heey theree (:

OMGGGG; i had Creative generation yesterday and my whole body is hurting ^-^

LOL; but ohh wells.

hehe andd it was so shameful yesterday coz i like went to the wrong school xD; so i had to call my mum to pick mee up and take me to the city..

but ohhh wells i was only 1 hour late…

but seriously i had o dance for 6 hours flat… and the “choreographer” was like so pro.. i was like WOW! LOL

soo yehh i have to buy some new jazz shoes coz mine are gayy..

ohhhs and im going to this new ballet school called lol i cant rember…

but yehh lol

well im gonna go too bed; coz im sick xD

Jessicaaa ❤




Suurpp >.<

March 28, 2009

                                Heey people 😉


Mii name is Jess aka shawtiee >.<
i decided to make myself a wordpress; coz everyone at school was likee make a wordpress!!! and i was like do i have too??

so yeeh i was pretty muchh forced to do something that i didnt want too do. 😦

but never mind…

so how do you work this site; coz i have been told you have to download stuff??? lol im confused.

well in 53 mins i will be going to Creative Generation…

its this dance thinggy and it is being performed at The Brisbane entertainment Centre 🙂

im kinda excited =D

ooooohh and…

im getting mii hair cut on tuesday; and in the hols im gonna get it perimantly straightned… YAY

u kno what??

im gonna get all my friends to join this website; coz its actually pretty awsome .


well when i go to creative Gen 2day; i will take a picture with my fcuked up camera and put it on this awsome website 😀

well now i only have like 48 mins to get ready.

Byee byees for now ❤ Shawtiee


Hello world!

March 27, 2009

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