Jessie ♥

Harro everyone (;

hows has everyones long weekend been??
well mine was great; on saturday i was supposed to go to dance; but i forgot that i was ment to go into the city :S mii mistake… but i didnt care anyways because i went shopping at garbo with my friends Jemma &nd Bobbie LOL.

then on sunday i had dance at macgregor; so it was easy to get to… luckily it only went for 5 hours from 8am – 1pm… and the corigrapher is so nice because we  got to leave 30 min early because we had to get it filmed…

and for some reason there were these dance kids that came all the way from Harvey Bay :O i was like wow commitment muchh??

they had to stay at a holtel &nd everything… and it was so funny because they were wearing pjs LOL… me and Jess were like wtf??

it is now monday; i ♥ long weekends…
today i went to sunnybank. and i spent the whole day at market square with my friend erin.

now i am finally home and ready to go to bed and watch twilight.. evn tho it is only 2 pm..  

                        wells i hope everyone has a good weekend and i a
                                   sorry that i havnt posted in a while :$



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